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AOLP - Most Interesting App wins $5,000

We are building a community at a massive, worldwide scale and helping connect people through our products and experiences. We use 1s and 0s to connect us across all screens and enhance our digital interactions. We build brands that are household names like The Huffington Post, MapQuest, MAKERS, and TechCrunch. We are bursting with new ideas and dreaming without limits. We’re the people who build it - leveraging cutting edge, open-source technologies.

AOL Platforms enables the world's top marketers and media brands to reach consumers across desktop, mobile and TV through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance-driven campaigns. It is the global partner of choice for leading publishers, advertisers and agencies seeking to maximize the value of their brands online.

Aol API's

Aol On Network API
The Aol On Network’s API developer documentation enables you to integrate our video content, display and functionality into your website. Below you'll find links to helpful documentation on all of the different methods you can use to get data from The Aol On Network.


Aol On Network API - How to request Videos using a search Query


Aol On Network Help Center API - API Category Requests How to request videos by Category


MapQuest API -
MapQuest is an online web mapping service owned by AOL. Play with the alternate routes through the Directions API Web Service, or the search by drive time through the Search API Web Service \, or searching traffic incidents through the Traffic API Web Service.


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