Best use of Esri ArcGIS mapping technology wins $5,000! ($2,500 cash, plus $2,500 ArcGIS Online subscription).

ArcGIS is the Location Platform for Apps. Quickly add geo to your apps using Esri's online services and SDKs. Develop in the API of your choice and deploy on any device. Sign-up for a free developer account at using voucher, DISRUPTUK15, starting Dec 1st.

Our Developer Accounts provide you access to ready-to-use content (points of interest, demographics etc), Geofencing (Geotrigger Service), Directions & routing, Spatial Analysis, Offline support, Visualization, Geocoding, Imagery, and more. View documentation here: Browse open source code here: and access authoritative, ready–to-use data,

Stop by Esri’s table during the event to learn more. We will have full stack developers’ onsite to support your hacks into the wee hours of the night!, @EsriStartups


Build secure, flexible communications into any mobile app or website. Send custom data, push and rich html5 content with our iOS, Android, JavaScript and Xamarin SDKs. Create a social hub with two-way messaging functionality over WebSockets for real-time comms. Integration is simple and quick and you can even add our customisable UI.

View our docs or visit our GitHub page. Register free for your API Key

Reach us at, @mobiledonky

William Hill

At William Hill, as well as being one of the most trusted brands in the gambling industry, we also strive to be one of the most innovative and exciting. Central to this are our efforts to deliver better, more enriching user experiences to customers.

To help achieve this ambition we’ve created a digital platform that gives unprecedented access to our core sports and gaming propositions, of which our API suite forms a central component.

Some of the biggest names in sport are already partnered with us to use these tools, helping them generate in excess of £100 million turnover annually.

But, perhaps most importantly, here at William Hill we use what we build. Our extensive in-house team of developers are creating innovative and industry changing products that are based on this same suite of APIs – from virtual reality horse racing, to new web platforms, and cutting-edge Apple Watch apps.

Register with our dedicated Developer portal for full details, access and support.



The Clover API lets developers build business solutions for merchants that help them run their businesses both on slick POS devices as well as in the cloud. It lets 3rd parties integrate with inventory, payments, customer lists, employees, and so on. You can then publish your apps through the (or


IBM Watson

IBM Watson is the world's leading Cognitive Computing platform. The Watson Developer Cloud offers a variety of services for building cognitive apps. With innovative APIs including everything from Cognitive Expansion to Concept Extraction, Personality Insights and now the Alchemy API, IBM Watson is ready to help you build a smarter planet.

IBM Bluemix enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud. Bluemix is an implementation of IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture based on Cloud Foundry, an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS). Bluemix delivers enterprise-level services that can easily integrate with your cloud applications without you needing to know how to install or configure them.



An archive of subscriber learned actions. This contains the event stream representing the user's actions such as watching a movie or programme. The format and contents of each learned action will be explained

Programme metadata archive. This is a SQL dump containing metadata for programmes, including movies, such as titles, descriptions, genres and general tags. The data also shows the scheduling for the shows and availability for viewing. Full description of the tables will be provided

An image archive. This shows the cover images for each programme.


Zalando Tech is Europe’s leading online fashion platform – a publicly traded company operating in 15 markets with more than10,000 employees. Our innovative technologists have built a highly scalable platform with 16.4m active customers and 135m site visits per month, using open source and cutting-edge technologies such as Scala, Go, Cassandra, Clojure, and React.js. We work in small, agile, autonomous teams and follow principles that enable us to produce the most delightful shopping experiences possible.

Zalando's public APIs offer access to the complete assortment sold in the web shop. Look for items using facets, check the latest reviews or create personal fashion stream based on the customers taste. Create entirely new experiences based on the user’s fashion preferences. You can customize styles, optimise the Fashion Feed, or even use it to find dates based on your sense of fashion. Truly stylish! and &


humm is a ready-made, open, and fully catalogued “white label” -- 100% legal -- index of online music, offered through our ground-breaking API.

We have JavaScript (client + server), Android and iOS Wrappers, as well as Meteor and Node.js Auth Example Apps ready to be forked!

Tutorials, endpoint references, auth guides, interactive console, libraries, SDKs, example apps, code + more -- available through our developers page.



Twilio is a communications platform that help your applications communicate with the people you care about using the languages you already know and the apps you're already building.

With the REST API you can add SMS Messages, Voice, Video and IP Messaging into your applications., marcos_placona


MapQuest is an online web mapping service owned by AOL. Play with the alternate routes through the Directions API Web Service, or the search by drive time through the Search API Web Service \, or searching traffic incidents through the Traffic API Web Service.

The AOL On Network’s API developer documentation enables you to integrate our video content, display and functionality into your website. Below you'll find links to helpful documentation on all of the different methods you can use to get data from The Aol On Network.

Aol On Network API - How to request Videos using a search Query

AOL On Network Help Center API - API Category Requests How to request videos by Category