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Sky Hack - Develop a Recommendations Engine like never has been seen before!!!

Can you think of a time when you have been unable to find something to watch on TV?! If you have, I am sure you are not alone, and now is your chance to ensure this never happens again!

Sky challenges you to develop a recommendations engine that is ingenious, yet accurate, and could change TV viewers’ lives forever!

We will provide you with data we have never shared with anyone before – including subscriber learned actions, programme metadata archive and image archives! This will all be provided in one handy URL and shared with you on the evening of Friday 4th December.

Using this and other open source data, you can use your imaginations and technical skills to create something revolutionary – who knows your engine could even be used on a Sky product in the future!

The prize for the Hack team who develops the most ingenious Recommendations Engine is 4 Samsung UE40JU7000 TVs (40 inch 4K HD 3D), with NOW TV Boxes and Movies/Entertainment subscriptions! The winners will also be treated to a tour around the Sky Studios and lunch in our Rooftop restaurant on campus.

Our Sky stand will be busy all weekend with Developers from all across the Sky business, including our Recommendations team, happy to answer all your questions! There will also be 24 hour support on our twitter account @RecsHack. Any questions you have before the event, please post on DevPost and the Sky team will be happy to help.

See you all on Saturday! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



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    What are "subscriber learned actions"?

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    Hi Ben,

    Subscriber Learned Actions contain the event stream representing the user's actions such as watching a movie or programme. An example is if a user has watched a video on YouTube, the User Action is recorded and then used to recommend other videos that the user might like.

    Hope this helps and ask if any more questions!



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