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Clover - Point of Sale platform API, and sandbox developer accounts

Want to integrate with a merchant's inventory? Sales? Employee list? Customer? No more apps running on a tablet next to the pos, disconnected from the actual operations...

Clover's API lets you integrate with all of the above, run your apps both on device (Android) and on the backend (web), and offers some nifty webhooks and more in order to let your apps interact with the outside world. Build any apps around reporting, ordering, inventory management, or many others. You can see examples on http://www.clover.com/appmarket.

The devices that Clover has on the market: https://www.clover.com/pos-hardware.

For the hackathon, we'll have sandbox Mini and Mobile devices with us. They can be instantly activated against a sandbox developer account, to enable you to developer, test and then showcase your apps on the devices. First come first served of course, but the first step is definitely to create a developer account on https://sandbox.dev.clover.com/. You can do this before the hackathon and play around with the account.

The way it works: you get a developer account, that's linked to a test merchant. You can then build your code and instantly push it to the device on your merchant. You can edit the inventory manually and add a few items, and see what happens when you try running your store as the merchant or purchasing things as a customer.

Come see us at the API talk at 2:30pm on saturday. Duane Moore, VP Engineering at Clover, will run us through what's important to build apps on Clover.

We're excited and looking forward to see as many people as we can!

All the best,

Christian Miccio
VP Advanced Products

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