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Humm Music API -- Ideas and Inspiration

Hello, fellow hackers! Looking at some of your profiles and our fellow sponsors’ APIs we just wanted to post ideas for some cross-integration apps which we think would be very cool ;)

But first, who are we?

humm is a ready-made, open, and fully catalogued “white label” index of online music, offered to developers through our ground-breaking API.

...and why use our API?

humm enables developers to create their own innovative — and 100% legal — music solutions, and businesses to build music into their services.

Now the fun bit:

Ideas and Inspiration

1. Create your own "Sonos"
- Use our API and that old Raspberry Pi you have lying around to create a smart speaker for streaming music - with access to our open database of over 40 million tracks, ad free

2. Create a Contextual Radio Mobile App
- Integrate our API with that of Ersi (https://developers.arcgis.com/) to create a radio that plays users’ music dependent on location
- Use the following Android or iOS frameworks to play music dependent on user activity:
-- https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/CoreMotion/Reference/CMMotionActivityManager_class/
-- https://developers.google.com/android/reference/com/google/android/gms/location/ActivityRecognition
-Possible extensions? An app that learns your routine and knows what you want to listen to before you do -- it’s the future! ;)

3. Create a Slack Slash Command / Slackbot Integration
- https://api.slack.com/slackbot
-- E.g. send a music video for the enjoyment of others on any public channel.
-- E.g. “/humm beck” which would play beck’s top songs

4. Create a “Jukebox” web app (music / video player) using meteor for venues and parties
- Using Meteor add Signup with Twitter to give users their own ‘Jukebox’ url unique to their twitter handle
- Allow owner of that url to act as admin for their music player’s collaborative playlist
- Allow visitors to search and add songs and upvote songs on the playlist
- Owner has admin permissions to remove or forward songs on the playlist

5. Create floating mini-player desktop app
- Could be built using node.js or meteor
- The idea would be to have a simple player such as that on http://alpha.myhumm.com/artist/55116991f9c816a0d639ea75
perhaps with a few column tabs; one for the current playlist, one for search and another for radios

We're really excited to see what you all come up with.

If you have any questions -

Contact us by email: dev@myhumm.com

Check out our docs: http://developers.myhumm.com/

or just send me a tweet: @MxAxG

Look forward to catching you all on Saturday!


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