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Questions for Donky: Support and resources for enhancing your hack

How can I use Donky?

Easily add secure real-time data services and communications with marketing automation, all from one platform; your imagination is your only limit!

Donky lets you build secure, flexible communications into any mobile app or website. Send custom data, push and rich HTML5 content. Create a social hub with two-way messaging functionality, for real-time engagement. Integration is simple and quick, you can even add our customisable UI.

How do I register?

Get your free developer account with 1000 devices here: http://www.mobiledonky.com/hackathon

Where can I find out more?


Use our documentation to find out how to integrate our SDKs or APIs and develop on the network; send custom data, build communications into your apps Donky via our Documentation http://docs.mobiledonky.com/


Access our open source modular SDKs at https://github.com/Donky-Network/

How can I contact Donky at Disrupt?

We have a full support team available onsite to help you create something amazing.

Visit our table during the event to learn more about Donky and how it can help you with your hack project.

Have a question?

Please email us hack@mobiledonky.com

Check out our docs http://docs.mobiledonky.com

or visit our Knowledge base http://support.mobiledonky.com/


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